Best Propane Gas Grill Reviews

Best Propane Gas Grill Reviews

Summers almost seem incomplete without barbecue parties in the backyard. It is a lovely opportunity to get friends and family together for a great time.

While the fun and food are of utmost importance, none of it can happen without a proper grill. Propane grills are ideal for such occasions.

With a propane grill of the correct size, you can cook and grill as much as you like. Now other than outdoor parties, a propane grill can be useful when you go camping or for a picnic.

It is a versatile device that can be used to cook different types of delicious foods. A compact and portable propane grill are absolutely safe for these purposes.

Nowadays, a propane grill is usually equipped with a lot of additional features which makes it a very handy device.

Gas Grill

Following are the best propane grills available. You will also find details as to how you can make the right choice when you are buying a grill.

Top 5 Propane Grills

There are various different propane grills available in the market. Given below are five of the best propane grills you will find.

Blackstone Outdoor Flat Top Gas Grill

For all those who love a good BBQ session in the backyard, this propane grill by Blackstone is a great choice. It has a large surface and is ideal for cooking and grilling for a party.

While it is best to use the grill outdoors, you can easily store it in the house. The grill fitted with strong, caster wheels for this purpose.

Important Features:

The features which make this grill one of the best are given below.

Large cooking or grilling surface: The cooking or grilling surface is expansive. Four burners are available and all kinds of different dishes can be cooked on this grill.

Electronic ignition: With the electronic ignition, the grill can be heated with the push of a button. The process is hassle-free and starts the heating very quickly.

Adjustable heat zones: The four heat zones that are available can be adjusted as required. The heat can be imparted and can be controlled to cook four different items at the same time.

Griddle station: The griddle station is very versatile and can be used to cook a wide range of dishes. It involves the latest technology and is therefore very convenient to use. The griddle is flat and wide and can be used for grilling steak, and cheese as well as cooking eggs, potatoes, and other food items.

Stainless steel burners: The four burners fitted in this propane grill are made of stainless steel which is not only strong but also quite reliable for frequent, outdoor use.

Grease management system: Having a messy cooktop is not desirable and the grease management system of the grill keeps that from happening. There is enough space to cook and too much grease does not collect on the surface.


  • Can be easily wheeled around if you need to transport it anywhere around the house, to the backyard or campsite.
  • Can be assembled very easily within a very short period of time.
  • Can be scraped and cleaned with a paper towel.
  • The grill has high longevity and is made out of very durable stainless steel.
  • A side shelf is available which can be used for prep and also for storing things while cooking.


  • There is no proper customer service available.
  • There is no cover provided with the grill.
  • The packaging is not always secure and therefore several parts might get damaged during shipping.

Weber  45010001 Spirit II E-310 3-Burner Liquid Propane Grill

Weber manufactures some of the best propane grills. Their devices are reliable and are very easy to use. With a very innovative design, the grill is quite versatile and durable.

The burner tubes fitted to the grill ensure that the heat reaches every part of the grilling surface.


The features of this grill are given below.

GS4 grilling system: The GS4 grilling system maintains a very high standard in providing the best technology for grilling. This propane grill adheres to that and is equipped with modern technology along with its modern design.

Infinity ignition: Infinity ignition ensures that your grill will be ignited whenever and wherever needed. Weber provides a 10-year warranty on this feature. With infinity ignition, you will not have to worry about not being able to start your grill when required.

Flavorizer bars: Flavorizer bars take care of excess smoke, sizzle, or drippings. In this propane grill, they are angled in such a way that they vaporize most of the drippings. This adds to the wonderful smoky flavor of grilled food.

Grease management system: The grease management system of the propane grill keeps sudden flare-ups from happening as it reduces the grease.

Drippings accumulate in a separate tray that can be taken out and cleaned. This prevents from the grill surface getting messy and also stops any accidents that might otherwise happen.

Cast-iron cooking grates: The porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates are very strong. They can withstand frequent use without degrading in quality.

Open cart design: The open cart design of the grill allows enough working space. You can easily store materials and continue to cook and grill without facing any shortage of space.


  • A warming rack is available with the grill to toast burgers or keep food items warm while you prepare other dishes.
  • The tank is mounted just outside the grill so that you can easily remove it when required.
  • Side tables are available with hooks attached to them for hanging cutlery and essential tools.
  • The grates are made up of cast iron and enameled porcelain.
  • There is a built-in thermometer for keeping track of the temperature.
  • Can be cleaned very easily.


  • The set-up procedure is complicated and requires almost an hour.
  • The wheels are not very durable.
  • The grill is more expensive than similar products in the market.

Weber 61004001 Liquid Propane Grill

This propane grill is another great one from Weber. With three burners made of high-quality stainless steel, this propane grill is a great choice for outdoor grilling. The grill also comes with a 10-year warranty.

Important Features:

The features given below are what make this a really good choice.

Infinity ignition: With infinity ignition, you can rest assured that your grill will be ignited instantly at all times. The burner control has a switch. When the knob is turned, the burner activates and the gas ignites the grill immediately.

Side table: The propane grill has a foldable side table. This very convenient feature, allows you to chop vegetables, store condiments, and prep the meat before grilling. There are also hooks fitted on which grilling tools and other utensils or even some cutlery can be hung.

Flavorizer bars: Flavorizer bars vaporize the smoke, sizzle, or drippings produced while cooking. This is what provides that smoky flavor to anything cooked on the grill. The flavorizer bars are carefully angled so that most of the dripping and the smoke can be vaporized easily.

Grease management system: The grease management system is a safety feature. It also keeps the grill clean. During cooking or grilling, a lot of greases are left behind and these drippings are collected in a tray. This tray can be taken out to prevent a mess. It also stops sudden flare-ups which can be dangerous.


  • The cooking grills are made top grade stainless steel.
  • There is equal distribution of heat all across the surface of the grill.
  • A high+ setting is available for preheating purposes and very high temperatures.
  • The grill has a tuck-away warm rack for toasting burger buns or warming food.
  • The knobs have lights that can be turned on for nighttime barbecue sessions.
  • A side burner is available.


  • Assembling all parts requires a long time and is a complicated process.
  • Plastic screw inserts that are included for some parts are not very sturdy.
  • The iGrill 3 Bluetooth digital thermometer needs to be purchased separately.

Char-Broil Gas Grill

This propane grill with 4 burners and a wide surface for grilling and cooking is perfect if you have a large family or enjoy throwing BBQ parties.

The rust-resistant surface is durable and stops food stains from becoming permanent. You can cook a number of dishes on this and you will not have to toil too much to clean it at the end of the day.

Important Features:

The features of this grill are listed below.

Large cooking space: This propane grill has a cooking space of 45 square inches. With cast-iron grates, coated in porcelain, this large cooking surface is great for cooking many items simultaneously.

Swing-away warming rack: The warming rack is an additional space that can be used to keep pre-cooked meals warm. It is also great for toasting bread and burger buns. When not in use, the rack can be closed to allow more space.

Electronic ignition system: With the electronic ignition system, the grill can be heated in an instant. The electric spark directly heats the grill. This system is very reliable and is also quite fast.

Lidded side burner: The lidded side burner can be used to prepare sauces or to reheat some dishes. It is a very convenient feature especially when you have all the main burners occupied. When you are not using the burner, the lid can be closed and that space can be utilized for storage or even prep.

Temperature gauge: The grill has a lid-mounted temperature gauge. This helps to monitor the rising temperatures.


  • Stainless steel side shelves are available for prepping and as temporary storage.
  • Can be cleaned easily by removing the grease tray and pan.
  • Can be easily transported from indoors to outdoors.
  • The grill can be quickly heated with the help of the electronic ignition system.
  • The stainless steel burners are very durable and long-lasting.


  • Assembling the grill can take a long time.
  • The grease stains on the deck are very difficult to remove.
  • If you keep the grill outside, the tray fills up every time it rains as it does not have a cover.

Weber 54060001 Q2200 Liquid Propane Grill

If you want a propane grill that can be used on the go, then this one is definitely for you. This liquid propane grill by Weber is very compact and portable. You can easily carry it around and whip up a delicious BBQ meal for two.

Important Features:

The following features of the grill make it a great choice.

Cast-iron cooking grates: The propane grill has cast-iron cooking grates which are porcelain-enameled. These grates are durable and can last a long time even when the grill is used frequently.

Infinite control burner valve: The infinite burner control valve makes sure all safety precautions are in place. The heat can be controlled easily with this feature. You can control the entire cooking process with this.

Cast aluminum body: The body of the grill and the top cover is made of cast-iron aluminum. This along with porcelain-enameled cooking grate ensures that the body of the grill is very durable.

Electronic ignition: The electronic ignition system of the grill allows the grill to heat up very quickly. All you need to do is start the ignition and the grill will automatically heat up.


  • The grill has an in-built thermometer to monitor the temperature.
  • The stainless steel burner is extremely durable.
  • The heat spreads evenly across the entire surface of the grill.
  • All surfaces can be easily cleaned.
  • The grill has folding side tables which can be used for prep.
  • Glass-reinforced nylon frame makes it very sturdy.


  • Due to its different design, it takes some time to get used to the grill.
  • The grilling surface is not very large.

Buying Guide

While searching for a propane grill online or in stores, the variety of options available can be overwhelming. It might be difficult to choose from these options since many will have several similar features.

But there are certain things that you must consider before buying. These will help you make the right choice.

The points discussed below will help you to purchase a propane grill that is most suitable for your needs.

Electronic Ignition System: Most modern propane grills are equipped with new technology and are very convenient for regular use. The electronic ignition system is one of those new features.

It starts the burner and heats up the grill with a direct electric spark. The alternative to the electronic ignition system is the push-button system.

Electronic ignition is preferred to the push-button system as the latter involves the usage of a battery. Drawing power from a battery to light the spark is not a very reliable procedure.

Therefore it is better to use the electronic ignition system. It does not require batteries that need to be changed from time to time and can heat up the grill in an instant.

Additional Features: New propane grills are equipped with a lot of different features. This help make the grilling or cooking procedure easier than it already is. Some propane grills have a side burner along with all the other main burners.

This extra burner can be used to simmer sauces or toss up a quick side dish while doing the main courses. You can also use it to heat up previously prepared dishes.

However, if the propane grill has a warming rack, then you will not need to reheat dishes. The warming rack is another additional feature. They can even be tucked away when not in use. Side tables or trays are also available.

These can be used for prepping or keeping spices and condiments while cooking. Often there are hooks attached to these trays or tables. These hooks are for hanging essential grilling tools.

All these extra features make it very convenient to cook and grill using a propane grilling system. They help save time and are really useful.

Size of the Grilling Surface: Each propane grill has a grilling surface of a different size. Some is large and can be used for cooking and grilling when you have a BBQ party. But some can be pretty small and compact.

Before you buy a propane grill, decide what you are going to use it for. If you are going to use it when you go camping or just for two or three people, then you can go for a small one.

Small propane grills usually have one or two burners or heat zones. But if you want to throw a BBQ party in your backyard, you are going to need a large propane grill.

The grill will need to have four burners so that you can cook or grill different items at the same time. While a medium size grill can be used to make 20 to 25 burgers in one go, a big grill can do about 40 burgers in that time.

These are best for large parties. Now, you can also purchase a propane grill to make some delicious BBQ dishes for your family.

In that case, a small grill will do just fine. Therefore, consider how many people you will be cooking and then decide on the size of the grill.

Versatility: A propane grill that is versatile will definitely be more long-lasting than any other grill. Versatile grills will allow you to cook a number of things.

You will also be able to easily update the grill and make it more convenient. Such propane grills can be used both indoors and outdoors without too much hassle.

The grill should come with a number of accessories and not have a very complicated mechanism. This kind of grill is reliable and will stay functional for a long time.

You should check all the features a grill has and consider exactly how you can use it. It is best to choose one that offers the most number of options.

Temperature Output: Different cooking methods require different degrees of temperature. The temperature you will need for roasting will definitely not be the same for steaming.

Look for a grill that allows you to control the temperature easily. If you are not able to control the temperature, then you will not be able to cook properly.

New propane grills have burners that allow infinite control and this is a very convenient feature.  When you are just grilling, the same heat distribution across the surface of the grill is required.

However, when you are using separate heat zones for separate dishes, you will need to be able to control the temperature output. Therefore, the grill must have different temperature settings.

This will allow you to adjust the temperature as and when required. Buy a propane grill that can be handled easily and has safety precautions in place when you adjust the temperature.

Price Range: Since there are many different kinds of propane grills available, the prices vary as well. The price of a propane grill will depend on several factors: what features it has, what material it is made of, and how durable it is, to name a few.

There are also several grills that have the same features but are differently priced. Once you have the features you need in mind, check all the propane grills that are suitable.

Then compare the prices. You will find that some are more reasonably priced than others. A more expensive grill does not necessarily mean that it is of better quality.

Check all features and weigh the pros and cons when you consider the prices. There will be a number of affordable options which are of good quality and you should purchase one that fits your budget best.


If you are buying a propane grill for the first time, you might have some questions especially regarding its usage and installation. The FAQs answered below will help clear your doubts.

Can a propane grill be assembled without professional help?

The assembling process of a standard, a good-quality propane grill is not too complex. The grill will come with a set of institutions and if followed, the installation should not take too long.

But there are certain grills that have an elaborate assembling process and do not come with proper instructions. If this happens or if you do not have the required skills, then it is best to hire a professional to do it for you.

Can the temperature of the grill be monitored?

Most modern propane grills have built-in thermometers. These allow you to check the temperature inside the grill.

Are any accessories required for a propane grill?

Propane grills usually come with all the accessories needed. Other than the extra propane tank or gas bottle, you will not need to buy anything separately. However, for open grills, you can buy a separate cover or a thermometer if the grill lacks one.

While too many options can be confusing, if you know what you are looking for, getting the best propane grill is not going to be a problem.

Decide on the features you want and browse through different grills. Consider the pros and cons of each model. With the information given above, you will be able to make your choice in no time at all.