Best Robotic Vacuums Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Keeping our home clean is very basic but extremely important. It is necessary to maintain hygienic conditions inside our homes. Cleaning and mopping floors can go a long way in keeping the interiors free from germs.

But doing this manually can prove to be tiring. Robotic vacuum cleaners are therefore very convenient. Using a robotic vacuum cleaner you can easily clean even the smallest corners of your home.

These devices run on their own and get the job done quite efficiently. You will not have to constantly manage a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Given below are the best cleaners that you will find and also what points you should keep in mind while buying one.


5 Best Robotic Vacuums

Given below are 5 of the best robotic vacuum cleaners available. You can consider buying one of these when you are browsing through options.

ILIFE V8s, 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, and Mopping- Ideal for Pet Hair, Hard Floor to Medium Pile Carpet

It is great to have a cleaner that works on all kinds of floors and the ILIFE V8s 2-in-1 Robotic Vacuum cleaner is really versatile. You can use it on hardwood floors, tiles, stone floors, and even laminated floors.

The water retention capabilities of the mop can be controlled. This allows damp mopping and cleaning of wooden floors which cannot be subjected to too much water.

The dustbin provided with the cleaner is also very convenient. It is large and therefore it does not require you to go and empty it too often. The cleaner also has 6 different cleaning modes.

You can use each one depending on what type of cleaning you want. The high suction does not include the bristle roller and can draw out even the minutest of particles from even the smallest corners of your house.

It is really efficient and is designed for easy use. The wires of this robotic cleaner will not get tangled and it is not high maintenance.

Important Features:

The features of this cleaner are discussed below.

Intelligent Cleaning: With the V8s all surfaces are thoroughly mopped and cleaned. Since the V8s work on their own, there should not be any furniture or other objects obstructing movement. The cleaner will move on its own and vacuum the entire area.

RoadRover Wheels: The vacuum has RoadRover wheels which allow the V8s to move smoothly over uneven surfaces. The wheels also help the V8s to move on carpets and cross doorsills while cleaning.

Mechanical Keys: The robotic vacuum has mechanical keys that can be used to give commands. These keys are very responsive and process the commands immediately.

LCD Display: The LCD display has all the icons. You can easily understand the cleaning modes and know what the V8s are doing by checking the display.


  • Cleaning times can easily be scheduled for each day.
  • Pet hair, debris, and other small particles can be cleaned from hard floors.
  • The suction channel of the robotic vacuum is self-adjusting.
  • The mop has water dripping control (3 speeds) and can be used on all kinds of floors.
  • The robotic vacuum is very quiet.


  • Battery life is not long-lasting.
  • The mop bucket is not very durable.
  • Dust might accumulate at the mouth of the suction channel after frequent use.

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iRobot Roomba 980 Wi-Fi Connected Vacuuming Robot- Best Roomba

The iRobot Roomba 980 is a very powerful vacuum cleaner. It can clean your entire house efficiently and within a very small amount of time. Its Smart Navigation technology is very convenient.

While cleaning, if the robotic cleaner loses charge, it will recharge itself due to Smart Navigation. This means that you will not have to worry about having your home only half cleaned.

If you have carpeted areas in your house, then the Roomba 980 is a great choice. With its aero force system and carpet boost, this robotic vacuum cleaner can move easily on carpets and thoroughly clean them.

The cleaner also has multi-surface brushes which take care of all kinds of floors and you can also adjust its height with Auto-Adjust technology.  Due to its versatility, this cleaner is really good for homes with pets.

Cleaning pet hair can be very difficult, but with this vacuum, your home will always remain pet hair-free even during the shedding season.

Important Features:

Following are the features of this robotic vacuum.

Air Power: The AeroForce cleaning system provides 10x power. This powerful suction can draw out dirt, pet hair, and particles from small corners and cracks.

Visual Navigation: The Roomba 980 has patented iAdapt 2.0 navigation and vSLAM technology. It can clearly map out your home and the entire area that it is supposed to clean. This allows it to move well and move around furniture.

Advanced Dirt Detect Technology: The cleaner is fitted with Advanced Dirt Detect sensors. These sensors can find the areas where dirt has accumulated and clean them thoroughly.

Voice Control: The cleaner is Wi-Fi connected and is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This allows you to issue voice commands and the cleaner will instantly respond.


  • The robotic vacuum cleaner recharges itself automatically and resumes cleaning.
  • The visual navigation and mapping are extremely accurate.
  • The filter is highly efficient.
  • Can easily move on uneven floors and find its way around obstacles.
  • Compatible with the iRobot home app which can be used to schedule cleaning from any place, at any time.


  • Cannot be controlled or navigated manually.
  • The cleaner is not very quiet.
  • The door flap for the filter is made of plastic and is not sturdy.

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Ecovacs DEEBOT 500 Robot Vacuum Cleaner- Good for Hard Floors and Carpets, Pet Hair, App Controls, Self-Charging, Quiet, Large, Black

Having a robotic cleaner that is easy to operate and maintain is really helpful. The Ecovacs DEEBOT 500 is such a robotic vacuum cleaner. If you have hardwood floors and are worried about what kind of cleaner to use, this can be a good option.

It will clean your floors thoroughly without inflicting any damage to them. If you have carpets on the floors, the robotic vacuum will move over them and clean it on its own.

The cleaner is also very useful if you have pets. It is particularly difficult to clean long, fine pet hair but this device can draw out such particles easily. The cleaner has a running time of 110 minutes.

You will not have to recharge it too frequently and the cleaning session will therefore go uninterrupted. The cleaner is also fitted with bumpers.

These make sure that it is not damaged in any way while cleaning the floor.

The package comes with not just the device but a charging dock, remote control with battery, a cleaning tool for maintenance, an air filter, and 4 dual-length side brushes. The device also has a 1-year warranty which makes it quite a reliable purchase.

Important Features:

The features which make it rather efficient are given below.

Max Mode Power: The suction power of the cleaner can be increased by 2x whenever required. This is great for areas where a lot of dirt has accumulated.

Voice Control: The cleaner is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Therefore, you can easily issue voice commands to enable one of its cleaning modes or to schedule cleaning.

Automatic Charging: When the battery runs out, the robotic vacuum automatically comes back to its charging dock and recharges itself.

3 Cleaning Modes: This robotic vacuum cleaner has 3 different cleaning modes. In the auto mode, it cleans the whole floor, in sport mode, the cleaner concentrates on one particular area and when set in the edge mode, it takes care of the edges of the floor.


  • Equipped with anti-drop and anti-collision sensors for smooth and safe movement across floors.
  • The dustbin is very large and sturdy.
  • Cleaning times can be scheduled.
  • Can efficiently clean wooden floors and carpeted areas.
  • The battery lasts for a long time.


  • Can get stuck under furniture.
  • It is difficult to control using the remote.

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Pure Clean Robotic Vacuum Cleaner 1600Pa Suction- Ultra Thin 3.1” Height Cleans Carpets and Hardwood Floor

There are many robotic vacuum cleaners that end up cleaning one area over and over again. But with the Pure Clean robotic vacuum cleaner, that is never going to be a problem.

It can recognize the area that it has cleaned and moved on to other parts. This means the cleaner requires very minimum management on your path. You can activate it and then sit back and let it do its job.

The cleaner will efficiently clean the entire floor and return to its dock for charging. You will also be able to schedule your cleaning times.

This is very convenient because you might not be at home or be in a position to manually activate and control the cleaner.

Having an affordable, well-equipped and efficient robotic vacuum cleaner is very important and this device ticks all the boxes.

Important Features:

Its features are listed below.

Powerful Suction: The robotic vacuum cleaner has 1600PA suction which can draw out dirt and dust particles from all cracks and corners. This strong suction does not affect the battery performance and helps clean very thoroughly.

Wheel Suspension: Wheel suspension allows the cleaner to move over uneven areas. It can also easily climb on thick rugs and carpets while cleaning.

Gyroscope Navigation: With gyroscope navigation and mapping, the robotic cleaner is aware of the layout of all the floors. It can therefore move around on its own without hitting any objects or getting stuck.

Automatic Recharge: Once the battery runs out, the cleaner return automatically to the charging dock and recharges itself.


  • The battery is long-lasting and has a run time of 130 minutes.
  • The dustbin is large and durable.
  • The cleaner is compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.
  • The cleaner is Wi-Fi enabled.
  • Can clean all kinds of floors and carpeted areas.
  • Have anti-fall and anti-collision sensors.


  • It might be difficult to replace parts.
  • Not very easy to connect with the mobile app.

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iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum- Good for Pet Hair, Carpets, Hard Floors, Self-Charging

If you invest in an iRobot Roomba 614, then you can be sure of getting great cleaning services for a very long time. This robotic vacuum cleaner is durable and performs very well.

You will be able to use the cleaner on any floor, even wooden ones, without worrying about damaging the floor or the cleaner.

With its ability to loosen dirt from the most difficult surfaces and to draw out all debris with high suction, the cleaner is ideal for everyday use.

This robotic cleaner also has Auto-Adjust technology. Using this, it will be able to adjust its height so you do not have to worry about the cleaner getting stuck under your furniture.

Often dirt accumulates on the edges of the floor or along the walls and is very difficult to clean.

If that happens in your home, then you can easily use this cleaner. Its edge-sweeping brush is tilted at 27 degrees and will thoroughly clean those areas.

Important Features:

Following are the important features of this cleaner.

3 Stage Cleaning System: The 3-stage cleaning system makes sure that the entire area is cleaned thoroughly and no part is left out.

Dirt Detect Technology: The Dirt Detect sensors can find the area which has a lot of dirt and dust. The robotic vacuum cleans these areas more vigorously to get rid of all the dirt.

Intelligent Navigation: The cleaner has smart sensors that allow it to understand the full layout of your home. It can navigate on its own and avoid stars or drop-offs while cleaning.

Dual Multi-Surface Brushes: One of the dual multi-surface brushes loosens the dirt and dust stuck in a spot and the other one sweeps it away. This way, the brushes efficiently remove debris and other particles from floors and carpets.


  • The cleaner automatically returns to the charging dock and recharges itself.
  • The filter used is very sturdy and efficient.
  • Can clean carpeted areas easily.
  • Very easy to operate and maintain.
  • Works very well on hardwood floors without scratching or damaging the floorboards.


  • The bin is not very large and needs to be emptied frequently.
  • Takes a long time to clean.
  • The cleaner is quite noisy.

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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Buyer’s Guide

There are many different robotic vacuum cleaners available in the market. Some might have similar features while some have additional perks which can be quite convenient.

The points discussed below will serve as a buying guide when you go to purchase a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Size of the cleaner: It is very important to choose the correct size when you are buying a robotic vacuum cleaner.

Small and compact devices are the better choice because they can fit in small corners and clean well under furniture. Larger devices will not be able to move so smoothly and will inevitably get stuck somewhere.

Control: While most robotic vacuum cleaners move on their own, some allow manual control using a remote. If you are more comfortable with such a device then look for one that has a remote control.

Other than manual control, many cleaners are compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This allows you to issue voice commands. A good cleaner responds instantly to all forms of control.

Different modes for cleaning: When you buy a robotic vacuum cleaner, look for one with different cleaning modes.

The more cleaning modes a robotic vacuum has, the more versatile it is. It will be able to handle different situations efficiently with these modes and therefore you can be sure of a more thorough cleaning.

Wi-Fi: Robotic vacuum cleaners which have wi-fi connections enabled can be controlled through an app on your smartphone.

This is very convenient. You will easily be able to use your phone to issue commands instead of a remote.

Other than this, the app will also store information regarding your cleaning schedules, and even provide floor maps for better navigation.

Navigation abilities: With navigation technology, a robotic vacuum cleaner can move on its own and clean an entire area. This does not require you to constantly follow the cleaner or manage it while cleaning.

Mapping abilities: A good cleaner will map out the area it is supposed to clean. This will allow it to move around obstacles and clean properly.

If the cleaner does not have mapping technology, it might bump into objects or get stuck under furniture.

With mapping, it will also know which areas have been previously cleaned and will not unnecessarily concentrate on only one part of the floor.


Why is it better to use a robotic vacuum cleaner?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are far easier to use than manual vacuum cleaners. Once you set a cleaner on its course, it will move around obstacles and clean the area thoroughly.
Robotic vacuum cleaners are also not as time-consuming as manual cleaners. If they know the layout of your home, they will get the job done very quickly.
Using intelligent technology, these cleaners are efficient and very convenient. The compact design of these cleaners also makes it easy to store.

What is the working mechanism of robotic vacuums?

Robotic vacuum cleaners create a map of your floors and store it. They use this map to navigate around your home while cleaning. Any robotic cleaner that you use will have certain sensors.
These sensors will allow it to avoid obstacles and find areas with a high concentration of dirt and debris.
Many cleaners also have a HEPA filter that traps and removes allergens. After cleaning, the robotic vacuum cleaner will return to the charging dock. You will have to then empty the bin.

What accessories does a robotic vacuum have?

A robotic vacuum comes with several accessories. These include cleaning brushes, filters, cleaning cloths, remote control, and maintenance tools.
They even include a battery charging dock and a charger. The brushes can either be main brushes or side brushes.
Most robotic cleaners have HEPA filters but some might also have regular filters. The cleaning cloths are put under the cleaner.

Does a robotic vacuum cleaner need maintenance?

A robotic vacuum cleaner requires regular maintenance. You will need to empty the bin and keep it clean. It is also necessary to wash the HEPA filters (if the cleaner has any).
A cleaning tool will usually be included with the device. Use this to clean the brushes. If you maintain your robotic vacuum cleaner, it will last a long time and work well.

It is also important to make sure that there are no scratches on the outside. If the cleaner is unable to move around objects, remove the objects from its path. This will avoid any further damage.

Buying the best robotic vacuum cleaner does not have to be a difficult task. Check if the cleaner is of a convenient size and whether or not it comes with proper features.

You will be able to have a few options within your budget and will easily be able to find the most suitable one.