Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Foot Massager

Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Foot Massager

If you are a new buyer and can’t decide which foot massager is right for you, then here we have prepared a detailed buying guide for you.

Learn about the different types of foot massagers, their functionality, and everything that you should know about this machine before you own it. Let’s get on to the details now!

Type of Foot Massagers 

Talking about the current market, there are plenty of options present in the market from different brands.

Each brand’s foot massager is different from the other, they also carry a different set of features which is why you should know about their types first.

Electric Foot Massager

Electric Foot Massagers are the most common and highly recommended foot massagers in the market.

Most new buyers would prefer to go with the electric foot massager as it is more convenient than any other type.

If you want hassle-free massaging through the massager, then you must go with the electric foot massager.

Electric Foot Massagers are powered by a constantly rotating motor inside which provides vibrations.

They also use other massaging techniques such as air pressure and kneading for a deep-tissue massage.

There is a whole new range of electric foot massagers present in the market. Depending on your requirements, you can go with a suitable option.

Manual Foot Massager

If you don’t want to go with the modern massaging techniques and still want to go with the traditional methods, then a manual foot massager is the right choice for you.

Manual massagers are made from wooden materials. They feature rotating rollers manually which you have to rotate using your feet.

Unlike electric foot massagers, manual foot massagers give you full control.

You can use it the way you want by applying the right pressure and speed. You don’t need any kind of power source to operate the manual foot massager.

Hand-held Foot Massager

Hand-held foot massagers are also quite popular amongst travelers who travel to different places regularly.

It’s a multi-purpose massager which can be used by the user to cover various parts of the massager.

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It’s a compact-sized massager which can be kept inside your pocket.

They are powered by a powerful battery that can be recharged. Some models are fully electric which need a power supply to run.

These are the most common types of foot massagers present in the market.

Apart from this, you can also go with the Massaging Pads, A Massage chair, and many other options which are there for full body massage.

foot-massager-foot-massager buying guide

Massaging Techniques

Different foot massagers use different massaging techniques as per the people’s preferences.

You can go with the suitable massaging technique as per your requirements from the market.

Let’s check out the different massaging techniques used by the Foot Massagers.


Shiatsu is the best massaging technique that is used by most manufacturers in their massagers.

It’s a traditional Japanese massaging technique that works by pressuring and kneading the stressed muscles.

This type of massager features a rotating head to knead the tissues. Constant massaging, releases stressed muscles and offer a relaxing time ahead.

Shiatsu technique combines with other massaging techniques to make them more advanced.


Heating is the ancient Indian massaging technique that is globally accepted by everyone.

It is the simplest way to relieve stressed muscles and to make your body relax.

Heating therapy is used to increase blood flow which ultimately relaxes your muscles.

Advanced Foot Massagers come with this technique.

Some models offer multiple techniques where you can enable heating therapy by using the built-in button control.


The infrared Technique works by providing deep-tissue massaging through invisible infrared rays.

Throwing constant rays to the affected area, releases stressed muscles and also improves the flow and circulation of blood.

The infrared Massaging technique is not that popular amongst foot massagers.

However, some premium-end models do offer infrared techniques along with other techniques.

Things to Consider Before Buying the Foot Massager

No matter what type of person you are, you need to do a lot of homework before you buy anything from the market.

Since, foot massagers come with different massaging techniques, sizes, and functions, you need to consider a lot of things before you buy one from the current market.

Know the purpose

The first thing you need to consider here is knowing your purpose for buying a foot massager.

Ask a few questions to yourself and then you can easily decide whether you really need it.

A foot massager is there to relax your feet area by providing massaging.

Some massagers come with special massaging techniques to release stress muscles while others come with special therapeutic methods to relax your entire body.

If you know the purpose, you will be able to pick a suitable option for yourself.

Type of Designs

To get the best massaging experience, the design of the massager should also be considered by the users.

Basically, there are two different types of designs present in the market, open design and closed design.

Both types have their own benefits for the users. Let’s understand more about the foot massagers’ design.

Open Design Foot Massagers 

This type of foot massager is portable and lightweight. They are very easy to use and can be configured by anyone.

They are also very stable and provided more comfort while massaging your feet.

It runs silently and doesn’t make any noise. Being compact in design, they are extremely portable and can be taken by users anywhere they go.

Closed Design Foot Massagers

Closed Design Foot Massagers are there for special massaging purposes.

They provide deep tissue massage to your entire leg area which covers, the foot area, calves, ankle, etc.

This type of foot massager is combined with multiple massaging techniques which let you easily focus on various parts of your legs.

You can also make use of different massaging modes and can adjust the intensity level of the massager as per your needs.

Size and Weight

The next thing you might want to check is the size and weight of the foot massager.

Most foot massagers are designed for all types of users with a shoe size of up to 13.

However, you still have to determine the size of the massager and also its weight.

Some brands offer portable and lightweight massagers with effective massaging techniques.

You should go with this type of massager which can make the massaging process free from hassle.


Since you are going to use the massager on the floor, you need to check the stability of the massager.

Check how stable the foot massager is! You should also check the base which must be coated with non-slip materials.

If you go with the open design foot massager, then they are more stable as they are big in size and can be placed easily on the floor.

On the other hand, the compact-sized closed-design models are less stable.

Ease of Use

The foot massager comes with a simple control panel where you would be provided with different massaging modes and functions.

You can take full control of the massager as per your needs by using the built-in control buttons.

This way, you can easily adjust the intensity level of the massager as well as the different massaging techniques.

To make the foot massager more convenient, some brands also offer a remote control to take full control of the machine wirelessly.

People who are experiencing back pain should go with the massager with remote control.

You can change the massaging mode or can adjust the intensity level of the massager as per your needs using the remote control.

Almost all foot massagers come with a removable foot cover.

You can remove the cover and can wash it to keep the massager clean from debris and dust.

You should also check the availability of the removable cover in the foot massager.


Apart from all the features, functions, and types, you also need to check the warranty offered by the manufacturer.

Generally, you will get a warranty period of 1 year from the manufacturer on the foot massager.

Some suppliers offer up to 30 days of refund or replacement warranty on the foot massager.


We have so many types of foot massagers from different brands.

The foot massagers come in different shapes, sizes, and features.

Make sure you check whether the foot massager fits well for you and your needs or not.

Explore the market well and get the massager which comes under a budget price tag.

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Final Words: 

Foot Massager has become an essential tool for everyone who lives a busy life. It is also a great tool for elderly people who are experiencing leg pain issues.

A foot massager not just relaxes your legs, but the entire body by improving blood circulation and relaxing the muscles.

We have picked the best foot massagers from the market and reviewed them so that you can easily get the required details and can choose the right option for you.

Go through the detailed reviews and you should be able to find the one which fits well with your requirements.